Music Videos

The Rotor Delta – Rotor-delta

With this song I wanted to show how the instruments layer up, and focus on different parts in the track, a focal point at different points in the arrangement – I think that works better when you can see what each instrument is doing. It is quite a busy track really, a lot instruments fighting and occupying for space, so had to mix things accordingly. This is an instrumental track, the background video is taken and edited from old public service announcements/instructional videos, duck and cover etc, edited the cuts in time with the beat where possible. I liked the cartoon aesthetic, kind of adds to the neo psychedelic flavour, i guess its a bit prog in some ways, maybe 70’s classic rock/blues too. The challenge for me was to record each instrument in a single take and film it at the same time, then splice it, syncing them all together.

I added colour live with some LED strips. I mixed it in reason, a daw i feel comfortable with and played a few instruments live , mainly wah lead, bass, keys (radical rhodes), harmonica and a lapsteel (open e tuning) which explains the elements of blues and country. I was after a cheap lapsteel for a while anyway – so I am getting to grips with that at the minute and i think it suited this track quite well

. Anyway hope you like it, I had fun making it, plan on doing more of these. If you like it, feel free to subscribe to the channel, All the best Jimmy
Rotor Delta – Thief

This started out as a beat I made. I used beat skipping on a few instruments and put them through the same bus so it synced. this really made the twirly organ sound more interesting, i do love a good phaser. I added the lead guitar a lot later, i think the wah works.

Its a weird song, had a lot of fun making the video.